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Hormuz، An oval island that is a kind of salt dome in an area of 42 square kilometers at the entrance to the Persian Gulf and its located 18 km from Bandar Abbas. This island is considers the Persian Gulf Key because of its geographical location, which is adjacent to the Strait of Hormuz. Each year, Hormuz hosts many tourists from all over the world. This beautiful island is bounded from the north east to Bandar Abbas and from the southwest to the islands of Qeshm and Larak.

The most important feature of Hormuz is the color of the coast and island and salt valleys on the island. Since 2008, in the second half of the year, the season is suitable for traveling to the southern regions, has drawn artists to paint soil carpet on the ground using the colored soils of the island. It is claimed to be the world's largest soil carpet.

The wonders of the island include small crabs that live on the rocks, or super beautiful coral cover in bottom of the sea, a great diversity of rocks and minerals on the island. Swimming in the Persian Gulf along the colorful sandy beach of the island in the cool autumn or spring weather, and diving in the surface waters and the observation of aquatic animals and corals is a good experience.