Download QR-Code Reader

Download QR-Code Reader App

QR-Code and Barcode Scanner apps are one of the most essential mobile apps. This app is very compact and easy to use and have a good UI. You just need keep your phone toward the QR-Code (in the form that QR-Code Stay on the specified box in the center of page) so the app scan the code automatically. This app also supports every kind of QR-Code and barcode that contains text, URL, Phone Number, Date, Email, Geographical Place and etc.


Download QR-Code Reader

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How to use the app and Scan our QR-Codes

You can scan our QR-Codes using QR-Code Reader Apps (Available for download on above) and access to summary information of place that you are there offline and for accessing to full information (text, Picture, audio guide, video and etc.) go online and open the link using internet and view information on our website .

Attention: we used Barcode Scanner app on Android OS for this tutorial but other apps and Operating Systems are almost the same way as this tutorial .

Download and Install QR Reader app on your smartphone then run it for scanning QR-Codes.


Then place your phone toward the QR-Code in the form that QR-Code Stay on the specified box on the screen.
(As Below Picture)


If your device camera has minimum required quality, the environment light is good for scanning QR-Code, and nothing covered QR-Code toward the camera, the app shows the information quickly as bellow picture .


Then for accessing full information (descriptions, pictures, videos, voice guide and etc.) click on available link to visit the special page of that place.


At end of the page, you can share your comment and personal experience with others and be their guide, also you can use others comments and experiences.



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